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Taxfile’s Sue Ashby – Tax & Accounting Help in Devon, Cornwall & Beyond

Taxfile's Sue Ashby – Tax & Accounting Help in Devon, Cornwall & Beyond

Sue has been a bookkeeper for 37 years & is also an expert in all areas of VAT. She helps with anything accounting- and tax-related for those in self-employment, in business and working as part of a limited company. She has been part of the Taxfile team since 2016 and, although she’s based in the South West of England, her clients are located all over the UK. Here’s a little bit more about the ways in which she can help clients — perhaps there is something here that she can help you or your business with?

Sue deals with many aspects of accounts and tax, on a day-to-day basis, including:

  • For larger clients, for whom she prepares VAT returns, & bookkeeping customers who are further afield, Sue sends out pre-addressed secure mailing sacks every quarter. These get filled by the customer & returned to Sue at the office. It’s easy & hassle-free. Clients can also email data if preferred. Sue works everything to ‘a trial-balance standard’, for complete accuracy and peace of mind, and attends to all the submissions of the returns. She will advise what VAT is due and which HMRC account to pay it into.
  • Sue is also in charge of preparing & submitting CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) monthly tax returns & these are carefully reconciled to the net payments in customer bank accounts. It’s important to get employees’ taxes just right each month – and to make sure everyone has been correctly registered.
  • Sue can help you register yourself for Self Employment, or your business at HMRC. She can also help you get registered as an Employer with sub-contractors.
  • Sue can advise you about rental incomes & the tax-free ‘rent-room-scheme’.
  • Sue prepares Profit & Loss accounts for self-employed people’s tax returns & advises people when they need to register for VAT. Personal tax returns are submitted by our team of specialist tax agents, who will ensure you are claiming for everything you’re entitled to.
  • Sue can take care of the registration(s) for most types of taxable activities & advise about the type of bank account you will need to run your particular business through.
  • Sue also spends a great deal of time troubleshooting problems for people with HMRC — for example, when tax payments have gone into the wrong HMRC account, or when tax payments have gone missing at HMRC. Taxfile is here to help resolve all such issues for customers.
  • Sue has many years of experience in dealing with people who are brilliant at what they do, but are less sure of the type of records they must keep & how the accuracy of these may effect their position later on in life.
  • Taxfile offers a wide variety of accounting and bookkeeping software & can help you select the best system to run your business. We also tailor our working spreadsheets to our clients’ unique activities.

So whether you are starting out, already up and growing as a business, or are running a Limited Company, we are all here to help and to support you with a wide range of services & skill sets. We also have teams of independent tax & VAT specialists who keep us updated on all the changes & any new rules.

Sue is available for phone consultations from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 8pm. Contact Sue direct on 07702 882 030 or via Taxfile’s main switch-board during office hours (0208 761 8000 — ask for Extension 446).

Sue is based in Taxfile’s South West office, which is 12 minutes from Plymouth City Centre. She is happy to travel to business premises in Devon & south east Cornwall but can also help & supply supporting services wherever you are!


Guy’s Team

Far from working alone, Guy works with a whole team behind him; from tax return specialists to bookkeepers, payroll gurus, limited company accounting staff and a whole host of other tax experts and support. Our staff ‘mind map’ below tells you a little bit about each of the core team including their main duties and specialisms, languages spoken (you’ll be surprised!), personal interests and, of course, their all-important contact details so that you know whether they’re in the Tulse Hill London office or the Dulwich one, for example. Take a look to see who it is that speaks no less than four languages fluently, which member of staff is into sailing and which one is into both metal music and Irish dancing! We don’t tell you which one below (we don’t want to scare you off), but there is also one team member who is a bit of an expert in martial arts … and as a clue, it’s not one of the boys!

The Taxfile team


Sage Accounting Software – FREE!

Sage One accounting, cashflow & bookkeeping application - free!If you’re a small to medium-sized business* and are one of our customers then this may be of interest to you. Sage One Cashbook the online accounts, cashflow and bookkeeping application, is available free of charge via our Taxfile office in London, so long as you’re one of our customers. There is no other catch – we will genuinely pay your monthly subscription for you if you’re our client!

Why is it free?

Well, together with making your life easier, it’ll help us streamline things at our end because, with your permission, we will also be able to log into your Sage One account to collaborate with you over your income and expenditure records. Also, reconciliation of your bank data is likely to also become quicker and easier. This would not be possible with a desk-top application.

Sage One Cashbooks:

  • is easy – no accounting experience is necessary;
  • can be set up for you at our end – making it even easier for you to hit the ground running;
  • helps you keep your small business* income & expenditure records safely and securely;
  • routinely backs up your data in the background; Read moreRead more

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